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About CCRManager

CCRManager is a technology assisted financial advisory firm supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore through the Financial Sector Development Fund.  It provides financial advisory services to its corporate and financial institution clients by assessing its network of member banks, NBFIs and investors that number more than 100 across more than 30 countries.

CCRManager's team is made up of a group of seasoned bankers with a shared passion to help its clients to meet their financing requirements. CCRManager creates value for its clients through disciplined development and execution of unique working capital, term loan, trade finance, supply chain finance, receivable finance, equity and corporate finance solutions.

what we do

Tailoring structured solutions from our experienced team of advisors

Equity Raising

We act as an independent advisor and capital placement agent for both private equity and convertible debts.  

We provide our clients with experienced judgment and strategic insights on all aspects of capital formation and capital markets.


We provide independent advisory to corporate clients on a wide-ranging of debt structures for working capital and capital expenditures.  

CCRM has unparalleled access to banks and non-bank lenders globally.


Strategic Initiatives Advisory for M&A, divestment, JV, valuation and strategic collaborations to grow or to realise enterprise value from their businesses.  

We help clients to plan and execute their strategy.


We provide independent financial restructuring advice to companies, creditors, shareholders, and other stakeholders.  

We excel in providing time critical and impartial advice to our clients on complex cash flow, profitability, balance sheet issues and special events.

OUR DEbt services

Full Range of Working Capital and Capex Finance
Financing Type
Solutions and Value Added
Working Capital Finance
We understand that cashflow is the lifeline of all organisations. For that reason, we assist clients with the right working capital financing solutions to address their daily operational needs. Such working capital facilities may or may not be secured by clients' assets.
Capital Expenditures Finance
A key component of financing is getting the right balance between long term borrowings against capital expenditures. We help clients to optimise asset and liability management by using the right form of financing solutions.
Unsecured Credit
There is no short-cut to accessing unsecured credit facilities. This requires a sound financial plan supported by historical performance. We support our clients along this journey by using the strength of their financial and commercial propositions.
Asset Securitisation
We assist our clients to monetise their assets that are sitting on their balance sheet. These could be trade receivables, fixed or movable assets or even loans granted to other borrowers. We have many years of experience in different financial strategies to achieve diverse objectives such as liquidity and credit risk management.
Receivables Finance
We are very well equipped to help our clients with a full range of with and without recourse receivable financing. Techniques used here could include but not limited to receivable discounting, financing, factoring, forfaiting, credit insurance, etc.
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Financing is an important source of liquidity for the suppliers and tool for the buyers to optimise its procurement credit terms. We are uniquely positioned to support our clients to avail SCF finance to their suppliers across more than 30 countries by working with our 100+ partner financial institutions.
Distributor Finance
We understand that distributorship is an important component of a corporate's sales strategy. We have the capability to arrange for distributor finance by whereby lenders take comfort from the underlying goods and trades.
Letters of Credit, Guarantee
Standby Letters of credit and guarantees continue to be an important form of financing albeit that it is operationally cumbersome and expensive. We help our import and export clients for to acquire additional credit limits with its house bank or other partner banks in the secondary market.



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