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Trade Asset Management

Trade Asset Management (TAM) module facilitates buying and selling of trade assets among Financial Institutions (FIs) and Non Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs) digitally.

Correspondent Services

Correspondent Services (CS) module facilitates Request For Quotes process for Letter of Credit (LC) confirmation, Guarantees and Trade Loans digitally.


Access to Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) globally

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Our Members

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  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
  • Oceanian Bank (Undisclosed)

South East Asia

  • DBS Bank
  • Eurofin Asia Group
  • Indonesian Bank (Undisclosed)
  • Malaysian Bank (Undisclosed)
  • Singapore Bank (Undisclosed)
  • South East Asian Bank (Undisclosed)
  • United Amara Bank Ltd

North Asia

  • Bank of China Ltd
  • Bank of East Asia Ltd
  • Broaderway
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank Of  China
  • Japanese Bank (Undisclosed)
  • MUFG Bank
  • North Asian Bank 1 (Undisclosed)
  • North Asian Bank 2 (Undisclosed)
  • North Asian Bank 3 (Undisclosed)
  • Sincere Lion
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Uninova

South Asia

  • Bank Asia Ltd
  • BRAC Bank
  • City Bank
  • Dhaka Bank
  • Dutch-Bangla Bank
  • Eastern Bank Ltd
  • ICICI Bank Ltd
  • Jamuna Bank
  • Mercantile Bank Ltd
  • Mutual Trust Bank Ltd
  • One Bank Ltd
  • Prime Bank Ltd
  • South Asian Bank (Undisclosed)
  • Southeast Bank Ltd
  • Trust Bank Ltd
  • United Commercial Bank Ltd
  • Yes Bank Ltd

Southern Africa

  • The Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd


  • Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA
  • BNP Paribas
  • Crown Agents Bank
  • DZ Bank
  • European Bank 1 (Undisclosed)
  • European Bank 2 (Undisclosed)
  • European Bank 3 (Undisclosed)
  • European Bank 4 (Undisclosed)
  • European Bank 5 (Undisclosed)
  • European Bank 6 (Undisclosed)
  • European Bank 7 (Undisclosed)
  • European Bank 8 (Undisclosed)
  • European Bank 9 (Undisclosed)
  • Rabobank
  • Santander Bank
  • Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
  • UniCredit Bank AG

North America

  • Canadian Bank (Undisclosed)
  • American Bank (Undisclosed)

Middle East

  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Emirates NBD Bank
  • Middle Eastern Bank 1 (Undisclosed)
  • Middle Eastern Bank 2 (Undisclosed)
  • Middle Eastern Bank 3 (Undisclosed)