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Consumers Goods / FMCG

AR Deal with Bangladeshi Bank

Receivables Financing
USD 30 million
L+1.25% - L+ 2% depending on risk obligor
45 - 120 Days

About the Company

Receivables seller is one of the top banks in Bangladesh with heritage spanning 38 years. New opportunity to collaborate with the bank to enable the facilitation of cross border open account financing for its key exporter customers. It has an annual turnover of more than USD 10 million.

Facility Description

A private commercial bank in Bangladesh is seeking the distribution of it Receivables Programme originated from its key exporter customers. This USD 200 million receivable portfolio consist of international buyers such as BIG W Australia, H&M, Primark and Gap Inc. from > 10 countries.

Refer below for full buyer risk obligor details. Interested risk participants can respond on a selective basis (i.e., only on a few buyer names based on country/region instead of the entire portfolio)