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Project Laboratory

Equity Raise
SGD 3 million

About the Company

A Singapore FinTech company, developing and operating a platform that incorporates a unique digital asset and banking model integrating supply chain financing and digital marketplace.

The platform provides a B2B e-marketplace and Supply Chain Financing capability for Banks and other organisations to create online business community of Buyers and Sellers to trade goods and services efficiently with innovative factoring and supply chain financing model using Digital Promissory Note (DPN).

Headquartered in Singapore, the team has in-depth expertise in Banking and Technology including and experience in operating and managing global B2B marketplaces.

Value Proposition

The platform allows for banks to deploy with a shorter time to market and at lower cost of entry a new digital offering to their clients with innovative factoring and supply chain financing model and B2B marketplace.

- Ease of financing for buyers and using Digital Promissory Note (DPN) to unlock liquidity for seller’s account receivables

- Deep-Tier Supply Chain Financing (SCF) capability enables Banks & FIs to offer SCF across multi-level of suppliers where they can white-label the capability.

- The unique DPN business model proposition offers financial optimisation to the Bank’s books.  

- On-line B2B digital marketplace for Buyers and Sellers where in addition to standard payment methods accepts DPNs as payment. Also, payments can be made for the “off-line” transactions that are not performed on the marketplace.  

Investment Highlights

- Raising SGD 3 million to increase team strength; accelerate scaling up of the business and support rapid global expansion.

- Implementation of new technologies that have a strong use case to enhance the business model, including:

   i. Digital Promissory Notes (DPN) on e-wallet

   ii. AI/Natural Language Processing (NLP) to accelerate transaction velocity

   iii. Wider integration with 3rd party platforms and solutions to provide an ecosystem

- Working capital to scale up business and entrance to new markets.

- Have made significant investments in the past few years to acquire the existing platform and continuously modernise the technology and operations.

- Funding has been stable and primarily from their shareholders.