1Can I transact with a counterparty who is not a member of CCRManager?

Yes. As a grantor you can share details of deals put on CCRManager with investors who may not be members of CCRManager. Such investors will receive a notification and will have the ability to transact as guest users.

2Can I continue to transact under my existing MRPA or do I need to accept CCRManager’s documentation?
You can continue to transact under your existing MRPA’s. For any new relationship or for one-off deals, it is preferable to use CCRManager’s standard documentation.
3How does the settlement process work if I transact on CCRManager?
The actual transfer of funds happen outside CCRManager as a BAU process. CCRManager will support all post trade activities by providing task lists and alerts.
4Are all my deals visible to all the users of CCRManager? Can I restrict access?
A grantor has the discretion to choose which other users get to see the deal. Users can create mailing lists for different categories of investors.
5Am I allowed to share client data on a 3rd party platform? What about data confidentiality?
The data on CCRManager continues to belong to you and is only visible to parties you specifically authorize / choose to share it with. To find out more, please review our privacy policy.
6Can I continue to document my transactions offline (ie physical signatures) as per my current practice?
Yes. You have an option to execute the Participation Certificate either online or offline. If you choose the offline option, the Participation Certificate would need to be printed and manually signed.
7How does CCRManager approach Security?
At CCRManager, ensuring the reliability and security of our platform is a top priority, and we are constantly assessing how we can make our services even more secure. Security and privacy controls are built holistically into our platform that addresses security at every phase from initial planning to operation.

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