Welcome to CCRManager!

You received an email from us and may be wondering what is CCRManager and how does it work.

First and foremost, welcome to the digital trade finance community on CCRManager. Your counter-party bank is using CCRManager platform to post an offer to you.

Here are some quick facts of CCRManager:

  • A financial technology company led by veteran bankers that specialises in Trade Finance for FI to FI/NBFI

  • Have over 70 worldwide members and growing quickly

Next Steps

As a participant only user, you can only respond to your counter-parties' offers. This is similar to responding to an email offer but with added value of workflow management and customisable controls.

Click on the email invitation link to register as a participant only user to respond to the given offer for:

  • Trade Asset Management (TAM)

There are no fees* when you sign up as a participant only user.

Fee structure:

  • No registration fee
  • No fee to quote for the offer
  • * Transaction fee applies upon your offer / quote being accepted. However, as a participant only user, the transaction fees are waived for the first 2 months after registration.

You will be notified accordingly when the waiver period is near expiry.

1. Register as a participant only user

  • Fill up the registration form (from the email link) and submit. The main contact person is recommended to be the person who is receiving and responding back to this offer.

  • CCRManager will verify your registration and will contact you after the account is set up.

2. Receive email with username and password

  • Once the account is set up, an email with username and password will be sent to the registered email (the email given on the registration form).

  • Login through the sent email to the platform (TAM ). Enter the given username and first login password. You will also receive a 6 digit One-Time Password (OTP) via your registered email to enter.

  • For data protection and security purpose, you will be asked on your preference on data consent and to update to a new password.

3. View offer details and take action

  • Login with your username and updated password. Similarly, you will receive a 6 digit OTP via your registered email to enter.

  • View the offer on the Dashboard and click on the Reference Number (on the left) to see underlying details.

  • Select “Negotiate” to amend and respond to an offer to your counter-party. Otherwise, you can “Accept” with no change or “Reject” the offer.

The platform provides an end-to-end workflow (e.g. from Posting deal to Contract Execution to Post Contract Management).

Contract Execution are negotiated on the platform but legal execution is conducted offline. For your ease, Contracts are downloadable in Microsoft Word or PDF.

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