Access to CCR Network

CCR Network connects corporates and investors to a wide range of deal opportunities from different origination points and countries. Via CCR Network, investors may receive notifications of active deals on the pipeline and get a view of the current market. We know how businesses operate and what they need. We act as business partners, we listen, understand the business, understand the issues and determine the way forward with you with practical, objective advice. And when it’s time to sell we provide guidance at every step.

KEY Benefits for FundeRS

Access to direct bilateral or risk participation deal opportunities   efficiently.

Set filter according to preferred deal parameters.

Respond with interest in just one click.


Connect to an extensive network of 100 Funders (Banks, FIs, NBFIs, Insurers, Investors, Family Offices).

Get expert advise from our team of ex-bankers who dealt directly with debt and capital structuring with vast connections and in-depth knowledge.

Gain access to capital and much needed financing to boost your company's growth.

Connect to Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) globally

Currently with over 100 funders globally, we have an extensive reach for funding options.

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